2016 – Best year yet!

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It doesn’t seem possible, and yet the calendar tells me that Casa La Pace has been welcoming guests for 5 years.

This year’s weather has been almost perfect. As I recall past years, I remember many days of beautiful weather. But I must say that 2016 has been almost the textbook definition of normal weather.  The exception was winter – which there was none, as the cold temperatures rarely dropped below freezing. But as typical, February was a long stretch of rain and gray.  Yes, I suffered and moaned. But that is normal for the Serchio Valley. And we had just returned from a wonderful 6-week visit to the U.S. So I tried to keep all things in perspective.

March was sunny and bright. I remember that the gardens were full of flowers, with plants often blooming ahead of schedule (I blame the warm winter).  Azaleas and wisteria, apples and cherries, the bees were buzzing and I was humming.

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April was gorgeous!  Everyone says it rains for Pasquetta. But this year was the exception. And it rained sparingly, giving us longer days of sunshine.

May continued the trend of little rain.  By now the snows had disappeared from the mountains. But we weren’t ready to pack away the winter clothes, as the nights were deliciously chilly.

June started rainy and continued the unusual weather for most of the month. We had sunshine at least part of each day though, so it was never dreary. And then, amazingly on the first day of summer the clouds vanished!  As the month ended, the march of days got gradually warmer. So by July, it was truly hot at midday.  As in years past, there were about 10 days of hot weather and then a sudden cooling.  For the rest of July, the days were moderate and we opened the windows at night.  Funny enough, several of our guests closed their windows and slept under the quilts!

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As August ends, I also think back to our guests.  2016 has been a wonderful year in this way, too. We’ve had more guests than ever before and for longer stretches.  The other day, we reviewed the calendar for September and October. I couldn’t believe we have guests almost every day during these two months.

In our first year, friends and family were our primary guests. Happily, we had quite a few people find us on TripAdvisor and the Internet. As our list of guests (and new friends) has grown, so has the word of mouth. Now we are welcoming people who were recommended by previous guests.  I couldn’t ask for a better compliment.  And Pepper and I couldn’t be prouder!

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