Roses 2017

This year, we have had terrific spring weather.  There have been few rainy days and lots of sunshine. The nights have been wonderfully chilly and the days are gradually warming up. May and June are always wonderful months to be in Ghivizzano, but this year is spectacular.


And speaking of spectacular, the roses in the courtyard of Casa La Pace are more beautiful than ever.  I don’t know if it is because of the perfect temperatures (neither too hot, nor too cold) or the abundant sunshine – or maybe even because most of the rose plants are at least 3 years old, I don’t remember such an explosion of color and perfume in prior years.


I won’t write much more in this post. Instead, I’ll let the roses speak for themselves.

This is probably the most delicate flower. It explodes into full bloom and then drops its petals quickly.

There are several multi-hued roses.  This one opens with a pure-white center and gradually the pink spreads to the center.

This unusual flower – yes, it’s a beautiful purple spattered with white – was a gift from friends.  It is immediately outside the front door, so I think of them each time I walk indoors.


This peach-and-yellow rose is amazingly abundant – I counted 11 blossoms on one stem!


And each bloom is huge, gorgeous, and wonderfully fragrant.

This salmon beauty has proven impossible to photograph. No photo captures the warm color of each perfumed flower.

The most prolific bloomer is perhaps this yellow climbing rose.

This is a close-up of the beautiful yellow climber.

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